10-Queer Rappers you Should Check Out

If you have only been thinking that your bucket list of the favorite rappers is done, let us check out the list of 10 queer rappers on our list:

1. Cakes Da Killa:

Born in Jersey, his latest hits like New Phone and Goodies Goodies have ranked him very high on the list. Make sure you tune in to his debut album Hedonism, to catch some raw music.

2. Dai Burger:

Soft Serve, being her debut album showed that she is one artist we all need to be aware of!

3. Jay Boogie:

Allure became the debut album for Jay, and with it, his single “Body”, gave him a good reason to celebrate his success!

4. KC Ortiz:

If you haven’t yet got a hold of the good old times, Church Tapes by Ortiz should not be missed. Talented artists with her own style of music

5. Big Freedia:

She has taken the stage on fire with her excellent on-stage entertainment skills. A rapper whom you must listen to if you are a fan of live shows!

6. Mykii Blanco:

The only word that can be said for him is inspirational. Even though he is HIV positive, he did not let that obstruct him to gain success in music.

7. Le1f:

Having a background in ballet and producing music for Das Racist, his rapping and smooth dance steps are sweeping off the floor. Watch out for him!

8.Young M.A:

Kat Kassanova or OOUUU, whichever be the reason, she is always in the spotlight! Being in the Top 20, she is a rapper to watch out

9. Zebra Katz:

Be it Humanz or being known as the chocolate boy of the rapping world, it’s time we tune-up to his work pretty soon!

10. Brooke Candy:

Having adapted the club rap style and is known for his unique stops and bars, she is baking some tasty bunnies for the audiophiles out there! Don’t miss her work!

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10-Queer Rappers you Should Check Out

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