Absinthe Drink Recipe, ‘Bloody Debauchery’

The "Bloody Debauchery" is Sierra's potent mix of Lucid Absinthe, Monster Energy, and a touch of grenadine and lime, served in a martini glass.

This absinthe drink recipe will rock your Halloween socks off! An original drink crafted by yours truly for the fall season, “Bloody Debauchery” is a potent mix of Lucid Absinthe, Monster Energy, and a touch of grenadine and lime, served in a martini glass. It’s quite tasty and has been known to incite much debauchery! Of course working at a place like Desert Rose, inciting debauchery is my job, really.

Absinthe is an alcohol with an interesting history and a rich tradition. It is a distilled spirit using a combination of wormwood, green anise, fennel seed, and additional select herbs and spices with some of the more popular being hyssop, star anise, angelica, sweet flag, coriander, veronica, juniper, mint, and nutmeg.

There are many different absinthe products on the market, my two personal favorites being Lucid, and St. George’s. Lucid is a French product, with a smooth and delicate bouquet, whereas St. George’s is a stronger flavored American product, with a higher concentration of botanicals and a richer bouquet. I was lucky enough to visit St. Georges Distillery on my last trip to the bay area and really enjoyed their product. Today we are using Lucid brand, as that is what we stock currently.


The traditional method of drinking absinthe involves sugar cubes and cold water.

Usually absinthe is placed in a glass, and a sugar cube is placed on a spoon with holes in it called and absinthe spoon. Ice water is then dripped slowly onto the cube until it dissolves into the glass, and the cold water causes the clear absinthe to become cloudy, as the herbal oils in the liquid emulsify. Is is called the “louche”. My goal was to shake that tradition up a little and bring this traditional beverage into the modern age, while still observing some of it’s traditional aspects. In this case we are removing the good old sugar cube and absinthe spoon, utilizing the cold energy drink to create the louche instead.

Bloody Debauchery drink recipe (2)


1.5 ounces absinthe
1 can Monster energy drink, chilled
A few drops of grenadine
1 lime
Martini glass


  1. Place 1.5 ounces of absinthe into the martini glass. Notice the liquid is clear, as the oils from the botanicals are still fully dissolved in the strong alcohol.
  2. Pour the energy drink into the absinthe very, very slowly. As the cold drink reduces the overall alcohol percentage by volume the oils begin to fall out of suspension, creating a cloudy appearance. If poured correctly the drink should be cloudy and black light interactive by the time you near the top of the glass.
  3. Place a few drops of grenadine around the inner rim of the glass by using an eye dropper, giving the appearance of blood dripping in the cloudy liquid. The grenadine will stay separated from the absinthe unless stirred heavily.
  4. Squeeze just a touch of lime in the glass and garnish the rim with a lime slice.
  5. Enjoy!
The absinthe is clear when initially poured.

The absinthe is clear when initially poured.

The absinthe clouds as the energy drink is slowly added.

The absinthe clouds as the energy drink is slowly added.

Having a black light as one of the sources of lighting near your drink mixing area will create an amazing effect when mixing this drink, as the absinthe becomes quite black light interactive as it clouds, making you look like a mad scientist performing an experiment. Adding the grenadine with an eye dropper increases this effect. Mixing absinthe drinks is a measured process that requires a bit of patience, remember that part of the the appeal of this drink is watching it be mixed. Let the debauchery commence!

Remember that absinthe is an extremely potent product! Lucid brand is 62% alcohol, or 124 proof, and some brands are even more potent still. Absinthe is traditionally a drink meant to be sipped slowly, and this drink is no different. Remember to enjoy responsibly and always party with a designated driver!

Bloody Debauchery drink recipe (5)

The grenadine adds the final touch to this glass of Bloody Debauchery! Enjoy!

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