Bob’s Burgers: 6.3 Hauntening Review

Bob's Burgers' 2015 Halloween Special may be their best one yet.


Halloween has come again, and Bob’s Burgers has a tradition of hitting Holiday Specials out of the park. This one already had a good premise: Bob and Linda Belcher trying to scare the un-scare-able Louise with a custom-made Haunted House outside the city.

At first, this goes as well as you’d expect (they forgot the peeled grapes for the “eyeballs” right off the bat). And so, in typical Louise fashion, the youngest Belcher decides to turn the tables and scare her parents instead.

Also in typical Louise fashion, she does it  well: having the kids sneak out of the house and jump-scaring her parents with her siblings from a pile of leaves.

But then the clan Belcher gets a “flat tire” and you suddenly want to applaud Bob and Linda. Especially when the “weird guy” starts staring them and the cell reception goes down.

The Belchers know their daughter, and they pay beautiful tribute/homage to a hundred different horror clichés: creepy dolls, “no cell service”, doing the haunting in one of Mort the Mortician’s clients’ house… Just enough of a personal touch to make it realistic, and enough of a tribute to excite Louise’s imagination.

Somehow, though, Gene manages to steal the show through his panicked whispering with Bob, “I’m having a good childhood!”

The resolution in which the Belchers explain their Haunted House efforts match its hilarity with its sweetness, when you see the genuine effort everyone went into to give Louise a great Halloween, and the collaborations from the friends of the family. Mort hasn’t gotten as many moments in the spotlight in recent seasons, especially in comparison to Teddy, so it was great to see him (and his Mom) back.

Even more beautiful was Louise’s thrilled, impressed reaction, launching one of the most heartwarming Belcher moments since Bob infiltrated an Equestranaut Convention to get Tina’s doll back.

The main storyline was exactly the thing this season needed. It helped the season avoid the retracing of past episode themes that plagued the last two episodes, and brought the Belchers together in a fantastically cohesive group narrative.

But let’s get into the best part: The Boyz 4 Now video “I Love You So Much (It’s Scary)” complete with a Belcher peanut gallery offering commentary.

As a child of the 90’s who can still jam to “Backstreet’s Back”, I have to admit, there’s nothing about the Halloween-themed Boyz 4 Now video I DIDN’T love. Callbacks to Louise’s confused, crush-fueled angst over Booboo’s “Stupid Face” were priceless. However, the best part had to be Linda noting that they’ve “switched out” Alans, which says so much. The degree of Boyz 4 Now knowledge this suggests for Linda is God’s gift to those of us who love making headcanons.

Without a doubt, this is the highlight of the season thus far.

Five out of five slaps to BooBoo’s “Beautiful, Stupid Face”

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