Carmilla: 0.7 Lock-In and 0.8 Blood, Where Art Thou? Recap

With a fresh perspective and a little more positivity toward this week, we start episode 7, “Lock-in,” with Perry and Mel searching the room for a key and Carmilla...

With a fresh perspective and a little more positivity toward this week, we start episode 7, “Lock-in,” with Perry and Mel searching the room for a key and Carmilla calling the Dean to fix things. The Dean doesn’t pick up, and Carmilla decides that she’s missed something, and the missed thing is one of the students.

She starts by accusing Mel of wrongdoing. I love that “Bad Cop” Carmilla has no foil. She’s just the bad cop, and that’s the Carmilla I want to see.

Mel tries to defend herself, when Kirsch starts making donkey noises and asking for help. Kirsch is urged to turn on the camera, and when he does, it appears that he is going down the same route Bash was, and he’s turning into a donkey.

The camera cuts off to Laura and Carmilla, sharing some potato chips and accidently grabbing the same one. Can they please get back together now? I am aware that they have some character development to go through…but also, they could be cute. And that’s what’s important.

Laura is chided by Carmilla not to poke fun and that this night was much scarier than it seems now. Laura jokes that the suspense is killing her. Well, it certainly isn’t killing me.

In episode 8, “Blood, Where Art Thou?” Mel starts by defending herself. She reveals that she was at the party because she didn’t get into the Summer Society and she was at the party to prank a Zeta to prove herself. That doesn’t seem very…Summer-ish.

Moving forward, Carmilla determines that since it wasn’t Mel, and it wasn’t the Zetas, that it’s probably Perry. As Carmilla digs through Perry’s things, her phone rings. It’s the Dean, and the board of governors has caught wind of the missing periods and animal conversions. There is a return of a great enemy. And Carmilla says that the Dean can’t do anything about it, because her feet are turning to stone. She explains that if something is hurting the Dean, they should be terrified.

This week was definitely better than the last, but this isn’t a terribly compelling watch. I am finding that much of my frustration with the series is coming from the fact that there isn’t any suspense. We know that Perry and Mel and the Dean survive this. We know that Kirsch survives this. I think my other major problem is that the most compelling part of the series is Carmilla and Laura’s relationship: how it works, how it grows, how it falls apart, and how it comes back together again. Right now, with the focus on Mel, Perry, and Kirsch (all of whom, in the past two seasons, were side characters), we don’t get to see that relationship. And in reality, we don’t know a lot about Mel. We only know Perry, really, from season one. And Kirsch has always been a comic relief character. So, while I care about these characters, a dedicated story where they have most of the screen time just isn’t compelling.

Let’s hope the next episodes are a little more exciting.

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