Carmilla: 0.9 The Trouble with Tinkerbell and 0.10 Wishin’ and Hopin’ Recap

I feel like this season has completely jumped ship as to what can and can’t happen in this universe. There. I wrote it. We’re at episodes nine and ten...

I feel like this season has completely jumped ship as to what can and can’t happen in this universe. There. I wrote it. We’re at episodes nine and ten of a twelve episode series and we are first: just getting to the possibility of knowing what is going on, and second: fairies?

Let’s recap what has happened this season: Mel, Perry, and Carmilla have sat in a room going over clues and making connections without any outside influence besides Kirsch, who is slowly turning into a donkey, and the Dean, who is slowly turning to stone.

What happened in episode nine? Perry laments a spell she attempted to put on LaFontaine to make them stay at Silas. Then, Mel and Perry look through a textbook to make a connection from Kirsch turning into a donkey to Midsummer Night’s Dream to Tithia, a fairy queen trapped in bloodwood tree who, if released, wants to remake her fairy kingdom on earth.

In episode ten, “Wishin’ and Hopin’”, Laura is freaking out over the events of the videos. She muses on Perry being a lot more free-spirited, as opposed to the Perry we know and love from season one. Carmilla points out that she has developed an elaborate coping mechanism from the events at the end of this season, and the two start the video back up.

Carmilla points out to Perry and Mel that Tithia could have escaped through someone chopping down the bloodwood tree to be turned furniture or jewelry…and then Carmilla says that someone could have wished her free. Perry panics, and after a few more death threats from Carmilla, confesses that she may have let the fairy queen loose.

I have said this before and I’ll say it again: sci-fi and fantasy need in-universe rules. There need to be some parameters for fantasy to exist in. And in this universe of vampires and anglerfish demigods, is there room for fairies too? While I don’t see why not, this feels like something that, when introduced now, is more of a plot device than in-universe world building. And, for that matter, why couldn’t this have been an army of more evil vampires who tried to gain control…I think that was the plot of Breaking Dawn, never mind.

I don’t have high hopes for next week, honestly, but I do want to see how this ends. Will episode 12 be another season 2 finale that’s nearly 20 minutes long? Will we find out how Perry and Mel become who they are in the events of the main season? I guess we’ll find out.

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