Carmilla Recap 0.1 Blast from the Past & 0.2 A Bro’s Tale Review

Okay, not really, but the Carmilla withdrawal was getting outrageous.

Well, it’s certainly been a while!

Okay, not really, but the Carmilla withdrawal was getting outrageous.

At the end of season 2, after the last episode aired, we got a trailer for Carmilla Season Zero. But what exactly is this season? Well, according to the creators, Season Zero is a branded content prequel series that takes place prior to the events of Season One, in 2012. The content is focused around all things menstruation, and dispelling some of the myths surrounding periods. As this is branded content, the rest of the season will be released on the U by Kotex YouTube channel. The context of the episodes take place AFTER Season Two though, so the character development of Laura/Carmilla, who are featured in real time framing the show, so these episodes should be watched after Season Two. So let’s hop right in.

Episode One, “Blast from the Past”, starts with Laura and Carmilla making their way back from a snack run, and getting lost. Laura roots around and trips into Carmilla’s arms, and suggests that they should watch the VHS tapes that she has tripped over, that maybe the library has led them there for some reason and they have a mystery to solve.

Oh, Laura. Your Nancy Drew shtick almost got you killed twenty separate times last season.

Nevertheless, Carmilla caves, and Laura pops in the VHS. 2012 Carmilla, with purple streaks in her hair (I’m in love with this, and I want my hair to look like that), is focusing a camera, and then the screen cuts to freshman year Mel and Perry, locked in the interrogation room. A few hours later, Perry is wafting incense and cleansing her aura, as Mel, nerdy and nervous, frets about the mountain of tampons in the corner.

Mel and Perry try to put together the pieces of how they got to this point. There was a Zeta who was possessed and started crowing like a rooster at one of the parties, and everyone on campus hasn’t had a period in three months. When Mel brings up that she could have gone anywhere else, Perry waxes on about how “being [at Silas] is like an invitation to step into the magical, mysteries of the universe.”

Carmilla walks in, asking who she’s going to blame for the Zeta being possessed situation, thus ending the episode. According to the writers, this is the season we find out how Perry got so fixated on normalcy.

In Episode Two, “A Bro’s Tale”, Carmilla continues her “interrogation” by asking Perry and Mel who is going to take the fall, and Perry defends them, saying that a false accusation could lead to more incidents. Carmilla agrees to investigate, and brings up Kirsch as their star witness.

Kirsch explains that Bash, who was harassing Mel at the time of the incident, began spouting “witchy like words” as some of the students begin singing in a high pitch as a green light appears. I believe our old friend, the Anglerfish, is back for some more fun.

Carmilla cuts off Kirsch, and states that “’spooky monsters did it’ isn’t a [reason] that’s going to fly at Silas.” Carmilla, cupcake, look. It’s always spooky monsters at Silas, and there hasn’t been an exception to that rule yet.

Perry makes a case for the fact that whatever mystical thing did it probably needs help or is simply misunderstood. Taking a page from the Laura Hollis Guide to Survival, I guess. As Carmilla gives Perry and Mel an hour to investigate, Mel makes the connection that what happened to Bash might have something to do with The Case of the Missing Periods.

The VHS fades out and back to Laura and Carmilla in real time, and Laura begs to know what happens next, much to the frustration of one Ms. Carmilla Karnstien.

Well, gentle readers, we’ve come to the end of this week, and I can feel us just getting started. I’m so excited about this season, and can’t wait to dive into more. Check back next Friday for the next Carmilla Season Zero Recap.

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