Carmilla Season 2: Episode 25 “Bluster and Consequences” and 26 “Concerned Parties”

Well, first, LaF seems to be okay, and JP seems to have attacked the blood bag. Always the gentleman. In Episode 25, “Bluster and Consequences,” Laura continues her quest...

Well, first, LaF seems to be okay, and JP seems to have attacked the blood bag. Always the gentleman.

In Episode 25, “Bluster and Consequences,” Laura continues her quest for information on Corvae, the Dean’s original plan, and what Vordenberg is doing. Carmilla finally calls Mattie out on how secretive she is being. Mattie, however, doesn’t actually know anything about the Corvae situation, as she lacks any real context due to her mother simply giving her those instructions.

As the conversation goes on, Mattie reveals that she doesn’t think Vordenberg would make a deal with Corvae, but that someone smart enough could create a few concoctions with the blood of the Anglerfish. This is barely noticeable, but LaF has a slight reaction to this. I’m calling now that they head back into the crater.

After Mattie once again makes Laura feel guilty for getting Vordenberg elected to chair, she says that she and Carmilla could do something about it if they could retrieve a weapon. Laura’s reaction-needing to know and being shot down, followed by comparing the students of Silas to mayflies leads me to believe that Laura, while in way over her head, is really going to be damaged by all this long term. Her sense of the world around her, her worth, is valued on doing good. And ultimately, the events going on around her are too big for her and her worldview.

And that’s what leads to her telling Danny about Mattie’s locket. Danny is the person who has not become morally ambiguous in Laura’s eyes, and she is the one who can be trusted with this information.

In episode 26, “Concerned Parties,” Mattie and Carmilla emerge from the floorboards, discussing their plan. Mattie monologues about the past, saying that death has changed them, and that who they are is what stays through the centuries. Laura wakes upon Mattie claiming she’s going to kill Vordenberg, and Laura interjects.

Laura has been terrible about keeping what she knows about Mattie to herself, and nearly blows her cover by suggesting that she knows how to kill Mattie. She follows this up by saying that choosing to kill her to get her way isn’t the world she wants to live in.

Mattie continues on by stating that Laura is spoiled, and that one either has power or serves power. I think though, in all this, that Laura is the one with the power. No, she is not supernatural, but Laura has been the catalyst for everything. And Laura has been told so often to give up, as she says, and yet, she doesn’t. She perseveres. When Mattie points out that it’s only because Carmilla has been saving her. Well. Yes. This is true. But together, they’re unstoppable.

When Carmilla has a choice to make – between her sister and her love- she chooses her love. Carmilla will likely choose Laura every time.

Mattie, is in fact, headed down to the crater to go drink the blood of Lophii, because this will give her unimaginable power. Laura, of course, goes into do-gooder mode, needing to stop her, grabbing Carmilla’s hand (EEEEEE!) and gathering the battalion.

As Laura explains the plan and Danny and Perry protest, Carmilla states that letting Mattie do what she plans to is like trying to put out a house fire with a nuclear bomb. As the plan unfolds, and everyone runs off, Perry calls Danny back.

There’s something going on with Perry, and I want to know what is going on. The anticipation is killing me. While Danny makes the case that Laura is just being herself, Perry says that it’s only a matter of time before Laura takes the wrong risk. And granted, to an extent, this is true. That Laura is gambling with all of their lives. However, the way Perry is talking, her demeanor, how she stands, is telling me that something is up. I don’t know what, but it’s something. Danny, of course, agrees to be there for Laura when everything blows up.

As we count down the episodes to the finale of this season, I can feel my excitement mounting. While there may not be a major battle like last season, the suspense is killing me. I’m going to be on the edge of my seat for the next five weeks, and I hope you are, too.

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