Carmilla Season 2 Recap Episode 35 “Not Afraid” and Episode 36 “The Execution of Carmilla Karnstien”

Holy 16minute episode, Batman! Let’s just hop right in, shall we? We start episode 35 “Not Afraid,” with Danny dragging Kirsch into the room and setting him, injured, on the...

Holy 16minute episode, Batman!

Let’s just hop right in, shall we?

We start episode 35 “Not Afraid,” with Danny dragging Kirsch into the room and setting him, injured, on the couch. She and Laura barricade the door, and then Danny decides to charge out to meet the danger. She darts back in, confident, only to be stabbed in the back. She collapses to the floor and Theo walks in, wielding a knife. As Kirsch threatens to kill him, falling to the ground himself, Lara guides Danny into her lap, cradling her. Danny dies in Laura’s arms, repeating “I’m not scared.”

Mel enters to discover Danny and her death, she threatens Theo, and Laura asks her to surrender for Danny, so that they don’t die. Mel does so, but on the condition that they can give Danny a proper funeral. Theo leaves, telling Kirsch he’s the worst brother the fraternity has ever had, and Kirsch responds with a chilling “you are not my brother.”

As Mel attempts to take Danny, Laura clutches her body. Laura is so broken now. Danny was a former crush, a teacher, an ally, but she was a friend first, and she died for the good of the world around them. I think about Danny, and my thoughts on her are echoed in Mel’s last line of the season “She was brave. And she was strong. And she was a Summer.”

After a cut, Laura announces to LaF, Perry, and JP that Danny is dead. This is where they lose for Laura. Not when the anglerfish died, not when Mattie died, not even when Carmilla wouldn’t come to save them. When Danny died, that’s where the good guys lost. Laura values her friends, and Danny dying was such a hard hit because there was no ambiguity with Danny. Danny was good, always. And her goodness was Laura’s last shred of hope.

Vordenburg announces over the PA that he will kill Carmilla, and then of course, pops his head in to confirm that, ending episode 35.

Buckle up, Creampuffs, we’re in for one hell of a ride with episode 36.

We begin “The Execution of Carmilla Karnstein,” with Vordenburg dragging in a chained up Carmilla, and Carmilla and Laura trying to sort out the miscommunication they had at the end of episode 34. Vordenberg calls for the rest of the board to be shot, and then pushes Carmilla to her knees and pulls out a sword.

For the rest of this episode, I am just going to call a spade a spade. The Dean hands Laura the Silas charter, telling Laura to destroy it to kill Vordenburg. Laura threatens to do so, and Vordie monologues, echoing the rhetoric Danny used in episode 33 to talk about how they want to build and live in a certain type of world. As he lifts the sword over Carmilla’s head, Laura breaks the charter, sending Vordie into a body petrifying and dying state. Carmilla is freed by JP, and Perry runs off, with JP following after her to find her. Carmilla leads LaF and Laura down to the hidden passages, closing the door behind them.

The episode picks back up underground in the library, as LaF laments JP and Perry not being with them. They have hurt so much this season, and I so desperately want them to have their life back, because I think they need JP and Perry, the real Perry, to keep it together in all of this.

Another cut leads to Laura and Carmilla fuzzily hooked up through an Ethernet, and Carmilla tries to cheer Laura up with chocolate. I appreciate that they have somehow managed access to a vending machine through all of this.

Laura contemplates on her moral greyness. She tried. She fought and tried and to herself, she failed by her own standards. She collapses into Carmilla’s arms in defeat, because what else is there to do when your friends are dead and your understanding of right and wrong and good and evil are tossed out the window.

Carmilla comforts her with such a gentle grace that all I really wanted out of the rest of this episode was to watch the two of them hug. Carmilla goes on to say that while she doesn’t always like Laura’s choices, it’d be tragic for Laura not to try to save people. As they begin to come to terms with how things are now, the puzzle pieces begin to fall into place. The game of chess that is being played is revealed, and the two finally put together that all the things the Dean wanted had in fact happened. As the two realize that the Dean is not in fact dead, the credits roll.

We’re not quite done yet folks, stay buckled.

After the credits, we find the Dean, talking to the camera about her plan, and exactly what has happened. It was in fact, the Dean who murdered the kids running the Silas Voice, and those eight Summers. She calls in Kirsch, who has dragged back Danny’s body, unscathed from the pyre.

The Dean moves toward Danny, chanting and resurrecting her. As Danny stands, she goes to Kirsch, and kisses him…only to eat him not 10 seconds later.

Oh good.

The Dean has a new minion of the dead, and her name is Danny Lawrence.

Our dear old Dean comes back to the camera, saying that she has everything she wanted, and that it will be one hell of a summer.

And with Armageddon approaching, the end screen plays. But just as you think it’s over, and the screen is dark, the chanting starts up again. And Mattie takes a breath.

So let’s go through this quickly: The Dean is well, the Dean, and we’ve known that for a while. Kirsch is potentially dead, though at this point, who knows what death anymore. Danny is now an evil vampire. JP is…somewhere. LaF has no idea what is going on with their best friend and their partner. Mattie is alive. And Hollistien is not back together, but there’s hope there.

And just when you think all of the shoes have dropped, all of the excitement has happened….

Carmilla Season Zero has been announced, and will start October 22nd.

I am so happy with the end of this season. Of course I wanted more answers, and yes, I knew that Perry was the Dean (because water is wet), and yes, I wanted more LaFontaine and this and that and the other. But I am so incredibly excited for all that is to come. I am excited for the prequel season, and the potential for Season 3. And I think that’s what a good finale should do. Is it everything I wanted? No. But am I really happy with this season? You bet.

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