Carmilla Season Zero Episode 3 “Lucy and Ethel” and Episode 4 “No One Expects” Recap

This week’s episodes were filled with little gems, so let’s dive in. Mel and Perry start off discussing the evidence thus far, and Perry says, rather emphatically, that she...

This week’s episodes were filled with little gems, so let’s dive in.

Mel and Perry start off discussing the evidence thus far, and Perry says, rather emphatically, that she wants things to be in their natural order, and that she “quite like[s] being in control of [her] own body.” Oh Baby!Perry, you are in for a world of surprises.

Kirsch starts to make noise from the basement…is it a basement? A chamber? Another torture room? The world may never know.

Moving on. Carmilla threatens the girls with blame, and Perry restates that it has to be magic. As Mel dismisses that (poor girl is going to have a rough four years if she keeps going down that route), she asks Perry if she knows what’s going on since she’s all “Wicca-y.”

I feel like now is a good time to address the elephant of Perry being Wiccan and the whole thing being played for laughs. It’s one of those things that sets off my alarm bells for “maybe this is offensive to this group of people but I don’t really know.” I’d love to hear from members of the community as to thoughts on representation of Wicca in the media, particularly in relation to Carmilla.

I think it may also be time to talk about LaF, who is referenced in this season by their dead name. Now, this season took place prior to their understanding/identification of being non-binary, and while some fans, including myself, are cringing at their reference, I think it’s important in seeing Perry and LaF’s growth through the seasons. We know how they identify in 2015, but not how they identified in 2012, and especially since they aren’t in the room to say anything as of now, I think this still brings up interesting questions about telling trans and non-binary stories.

Okay, all this out of the way, Perry brings up that none of her evocations of the spirits have ever worked, and Carmilla breaks a pencil as an intimidation tactic. Baby!Carmilla is my favorite, if for no other reason than how she changed to how she is now.

As Carmilla goes off to “deal with” Kirsch, Mel has a small breakdown over her fingers and all the weird happening at Silas. Perry tries to comfort her, and the two finally properly introduce themselves. Perry asks, if Mel is so shy and not wanting to draw attention to herself, then why was she at the swim team party? Move over Shady!Perry, we have Shady!Mel to make room for!

Carmilla storms back in, saying that now faculty are being affected by the full moon too, and then accuses Perry of knowing about the magic as it happens.

We move into episode 4, “No One Expects,” and we have the resurgence of Shady!Perry back, only to be accused of knowing about the magic that is happening. As Perry tries to backtrack, Carmilla threatens her with thumb screws…if she can find them.

Laura stops the VHS, and Carmilla says to her that Laura couldn’t still be “deluding [herself] into thinking she’s a bastion of nobility.” Laura asks why Carmilla and Perry never talk about this whole thing, which is a valid point. We get a moment of cute as Laura tries to keep some gummy brains away from Carmilla, and then they restart the tape. I love where they are right now, and I am loving how Season Zero is informing their ongoing struggle together.

Perry attempts to cast a spell, and if the candle will light, then that means the person has been in contact with a supernatural being. Carmilla promptly sets down the candle for obvious reasons, which leads me to believe that if Carmilla had been holding it, it would have lit. Kirsch is involved in this as well, and for some reason covered in an armor shield of pads. Perry casts the spell several times, and it doesn’t work.

Perry, naturally is frustrated, and Carmilla doesn’t help this by ridiculing poor Perry, telling her she isn’t special, that she “never was, and never will be.” Perry is clearly heartbroken, and that’s where we end the episode.

I am so hooked on seeing how Perry and Mel got to where they are. I can only hope that they aren’t emotionally scarred from the whole thing, but at Silas, who knows.

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