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From its inception in 2012, The Rainbow Hub has endeavored to be a safe online space for the LGBTQIA community. We provide totally free entertainment content, ranging from LGBTQ+ news to music, TV, and comic reviews.

Sites like ours depend on outside revenue to operate, not only to gain access to the content we review, but to pay our stellar writing and editing staff. Unfortunately, partners aren’t coming out of the woodwork to back a progressive LGBTQIA entertainment site. To that end, we present our new premium membership subscription, The Rainbow Hub +.

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What exactly am I paying for?

For USD$3 a month, or $36 a year, premium members will receive access to never-before-seen weekly content from our writers. This content will range from installments of the “Letters from the Litter Box” series from our office mascot, letters from the editors, opinion pieces, podcasts, and other specialized material. In short, we’re going to have fun and want you to join us in doing so.

What about the regular content?

Our regular content won’t change. A premium membership is not required to view the quality works we already regularly produce, so you won’t be denied breaking news, book reviews, television analysis, or anything else already published on the site. You’ll be getting a little extra special content—just for you!

Why should I sign-up for this?

We’re happy to provide this additional material.  However, The Rainbow Hub really does need your support. We want to continue our upward momentum as we provide our LGBTQIA family with a safe space and items relevant to their interests, but we can’t do that without our readers. Again, The Rainbow Hub depends on outside funds to pay for not only our review materials, but our 35 writers and editors.

This is where you come in. With your subscription, you not only get the new content, but you also make it possible for us to diversify even the free content. Also, thanks to your subscription, you get to become a larger part of The Rainbow Hub family, and contribute to uplifting people who don’t fit in the mainstream narrative.

If you love The Rainbow Hub, and want to see us keep on keeping on, please sign up for The Rainbow Hub + today.


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