Midnighter #4 Review

Midnighter #4, another masterpiece by the DC comics, has been a treat to read for the fans of Steve Orlando and Stephen Moore. The reunion of Grayson with Midnight was the highlight of this edition.

Rated close to 7.6 by the critics but appreciated by the readers, it has received mostly positive reviews from the readers.

The edition explores the revengeful action of the Midnighters, slaying off the vampires in the midnight. The edition also explores the deep latent insecurities and the complexities, which make it a treat for the readers to read.

The edition has been written in a closely knit, with a focus mainly on reshaping the characters into more hostile, focused and mission-oriented, keeping in mind the altruistic motive.

The re-establishment of the danger and the pairing of the powerful characters makes it one of the most awaited editions in the Midnighter series.

Orlando has also ensured to keep the plot moving, which has even on-boarded the fans, who seem to have lost in the midway. With a slight peek into the bigger picture, the new edition is all for grabs, if you want to know the larger issue.

On the downside, the readers have also felt that the plot exceeded way too far.

The cringe in the dialogues did not go very well with the readers, though the plot did fairly well as per the expectations.

The edition, beautifully carves the relation between Dick and Midnighter, checking all the right notes of adventure, action and fun.

Be it the character sketching or the wonderful story-telling articulated through the use of imaginative word-play, critical plot twists and dramatization, it is a perfect installment for the Midnighter fans.

The gore, skulls and the bombast delivery is all that the Midnighter #4 should be known for.

Good plot, but only for a onetime read!

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