Red Oaks: 1.3 The Wedding and 1.4 MDMA

Amazon’s comedy about the 80s is definitely worth the laughs, and you’ll love all of the likable supporting characters. I’m only 4 episodes in, so I don’t know if...

Amazon’s comedy about the 80s is definitely worth the laughs, and you’ll love all of the likable supporting characters. I’m only 4 episodes in, so I don’t know if I’ll ever like David, but there’s still time.

In “The Wedding”, David assists Barry in taping a wedding at the country club. Nash competes with a rival for the business opportunity of a lifetime. And Wheeler contemplates an interesting life choice.

I don’t like this episode. It has it’s good points, but my favorite character is just treated so horribly here that I kinda wonder what the writers are trying to tell me. I’m going to assume that the lesson here is that Nash will always be considered the help, which is not how he sees himself. Obviously, Nash doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life giving tennis lessons to rich people. He wants to be the rich person that other people give tennis lessons to. Or something like that.

The things that I did like about this episode were Mrs. Getty, and her relationship with her husband. It’s quite possible that he’s cheating, but I like the facade and I love their banter. I also like the running joke about Sam Meyers being into Asian girls. I shouldn’t laugh about fetishes, but little continuity things like that crack me up.

You will never get me to care about Skye.

I like that Misty and Karen have goals about what they want in their lives and future marriages. Karen is ready to settle down for reasons that do not make sense to me, but it’s the 80s and she’s entitled to her wants. Misty just doesn’t want to repeat her mother’s mistakes, which is a relatable fear even in 2015. It’s nice that we get to see things from these girls’ point of view.

Last thing about this episode: the video for “Sex Flu” is ridiculous, but Misty was giving me Tawny Kitaen in the White Snake video vibes so I loved it.

In “MDMA”, Wheeler begins his new side hustle selling Molly. Mr. and Mrs. Meyers go in for couples therapy. And David tries to surprise Karen for her birthday.

I don’t approve of Wheeler’s decision, but he’s selling to rich people who can afford rehab, and he’s doing it so that he can give Misty the life that she wants. It’s becoming clearer that the nice guy angle is what’s going on here, but it’s so hard for me to not want this for both of them. I need to go reevaluate why I feel this way.

Honestly, besides Nash, Misty is my favorite character. I love her accent, I love her personality, and I love that she just wants better for herself, with or without the crap boyfriend. I think I could have liked Steve had he not been such a jerk in the beginning. I have no problem with stereotype jock boyfriends – if they’re actually about their girlfriends. Steve’s way too much into himself and his band to care about Misty, so he’s not very interesting to me.

I don’t care how much David fantasizes about Skye, I will cry real tears if Karen leaves him for Barry. I still can’t relate to David beyond “RJ Berger of the 80s except without the huge penis, and not having to deal with high school”, so I still don’t think he deserves Karen. I’m also beginning to think that she’s a little bit older than him, which might explain why she’s ready to settle down, but not quite. That still doesn’t get me on board for her dating Barry. I don’t trust Barry to not be the absolute worst.

I love the Meyers, and I can’t wait for their therapists to suggest swinging or a threesome. I’ve been waiting for their threesome to happen since the hospital scene in the first episode. I think it’s absolutely hilarious that their therapists suggested that they take Molly, and then had the heart to go, “It’s not used for recreational purposes.” The 80s were a crazy time.

I just want to say that Jennifer Grey looks lovely. Like she has taken great care of herself, and looks absolutely awesome at 55. We should all strive to look awesome at 55.

Season 1 of Red Oaks is now available on Amazon Instant Video.

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    It’s the 80s it’s full of cocaine wheeler isn’t selling molly