SHIELD: #1 “Perfect Bullets” Review

SHIELD premiered this week with a first issue that presents the Earth-616’s Coulson’s first day as Supreme Commander of Special Ops, and because nothing can ever go smooth, there’s...

SHIELD premiered this week with a first issue that presents the Earth-616’s Coulson’s first day as Supreme Commander of Special Ops, and because nothing can ever go smooth, there’s an interdimensional invasion that requires—basically ever hero that exists in the Marvel Universe.

Seriously, we get glimpses of Captain Marvel, Superior Iron Man, Storm, the new Thor, just not enough of Sam Wilson as the new Captain America, Luke Cage, She-Hulk, The Vision.

We get Maria Hill as SHIELD Director, y’all.

It’s like Where’s Waldo except that it’s Let’s See Who All We Can Spot.

It’s a good game. A fulfilling game.

But, we’re also getting May and Simmons and Fitz—along with Coulson, our Coulson even though the 616!Coulson isn’t necessarily the MCU!Coulson, he sounds like the MCU!Coulson (mostly because Coulson originates in the MCU but y’all get the idea)—and they’re perfect.

Mark Waid—here’s a bibliography; it’s extensive—has written them to sound just like their MCU origin sites while still being just different enough to be in the 616.

are we out numbered

Just—May saying “Are there too many [enemies] to count? Then, we’re not outnumbered.” is so May that I can’t.

And, Coulson is still a giant dork who waxes rhapsodically about plans and intentions and is basically the walking, talking definition of exposition.

Coulson’s still all about seeing the patterns in the details and making ad hoc teams that are tailor-made for the emergency at hand.

coulson and may

(May and Coulson together is, as always, a joy and wonder to behold.)

Also, I’m kinda in-love with Julian Totino Tedesco’s cover art. I’m totally here for gestural and painterly comics that give us the feeling of frenetic motion while the figures are still static and the contrast-y-ness of the art that causes our everyday, non-powered heroes to feel as if they are illuminated from within.

Because they are. That’s what happens when you’re an everyday hero in a world filled with gods and monsters and people who can’t be matched.

I just really love Tedesco’s light-work, ya’ll. I’m just going to be over here squee-ing to myself about it.

So, not only are we getting amazing Earth-616-based stories with all the wonders and characters of the 616, SHIELD might also be generating a canonical tie-in for Agents of SHIELD into the current Marvel continuity.

I mean, more so than just Coulson’s existence within it.

That means that we’re potentially getting all the wonders of Agents of SHIELD (and, thus far, none of its detriments) but with ALL OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE IN WHICH TO PLAY.

This might actually be a really clever ploy on the part of Marvel to allow Agents of SHIELD—and, by extension, the MCU—to have access to all of the restricted-due-to-other-studios-owning-the-film-rights Marvel characters like the X-Men, who have already had extensive mentions and (some) presence, and the Fantastic Four, who have also already had really substantial mentions.

Even if SHIELD isn’t meant to do any of this, it’s still shiny that we’re getting May and Coulson (again and more), Simmons and Fitz in 616-continuity.

And, while there have been no Skye (*SAD*) or Ward (*\o/*) sightings as yet, they exist as a possibility as do Bobbi, Mac, Hunter, and Trip—mostly because Bobbi, Mac, and Hunter originally have Marvel Universe origins, but we’ve also already seen Dugan, so Trip could be easily added into the mix.

Especially since May, Simmons, and Fitz are all Agents of SHIELD/MCU originals.

I dunno about y’all, but I’m excited for this series and where it’ll go from here. We do know that issue #2 will feature a tie-in with Ms. Marvel aka Kamala Khan, and for anyone who’s been reading Ms. Marvel—boy-howdy—it’s gonna be a wild ride.

And, if all of that isn’t enough reason for you to want to give SHIELD a shot? Fitz is well on his way to his helper monkey.

helper monkey

Images courtesy of Marvel

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