Sleepy Hollow: 3.8 Novus Ordo Seclorum

This week’s in medias res opens on Pandora in a creek soaking the bandages off of the “Hidden One” that came out of the tree with her.  Jennie lies...

This week’s in medias res opens on Pandora in a creek soaking the bandages off of the “Hidden One” that came out of the tree with her.  Jennie lies on the shore, her skin glowing with embers.  The creature is upset about what humans have made of the world.  Pandora says that their presence “has been sorely missed, my love.”

Mills, Reynolds and Foster are in an awkward sit-down about the fact that Jennie Mills’ presence required Foster to blow her cover on Reynolds’ operation.  Abbie Mills is upset about having been kept out of the loop and walks out, saying she will come back and they can do the rest of this dance after she figures out where Jennie is.  At this particular moment, the Hidden One and Pandora are feeding off of the ember-energy from her body by the riverside.   Mills, Corbin and Crane arrive to interrupt, and Pandora & Co. disappear, leaving behind a convenient piece of paper (smoking, of course) that tells Crane they are facing a “living, breathing god.”

The stone Jennie absorbed belongs to the Hidden One, his “all-seeing eye,” and Crane (really conveniently) remembers a hidden book that is now inside a fraternity house, which leads to the scoobies crashing a frat party.  The article in question suggests that the stone belongs in a staff, which may function as something of a magnet for the stone and its power.  Crane recalls that Revere’s protege destroyed himself rather than let the stone/eye consume him. Crane recalls watching Revere  smelt down the staff on Washington’s orders to create the Shard of Anubis that encased the stone.  Theoretically, they can use the casing to pull the eye’s energy out of Jennie and save her.

The Hidden One tells Jennie that humanity must be cleansed using the fire Jennie holds within herself from the stone.

Mills pulls the shard out of evidence storage as Foster finds her and wants to get her on the transfer truck with Nevins so Mills can get information from him.  Sadly, Pandora gets onto the truck with Nevins first and apparently has a grudge about Nevins having used her box.  When Mills and Foster arrive, they find dead agents, blood in the truck and no Nevins.  Mills confronts Pandora in the parking lot and demands to know where Jennie is.  Pandora says there is a place for the Witnesses in the new world, by right of lineage.  Pandora can sense the old break between the sisters, but Foster disrupts the conversation and Pandora disappears.

Reynolds calls Mills into his office and accuses her of not telling him everything.  She asks him to try and understand that she can’t tell him everything.  When he says he can’t do that, she hands him her badge and gun and walks out. Reynolds calls someone to say that the asset they were “cultivating,” Mills, has been lost.  Later, he calls Mills to ask her to come back in and work things out.  Foster tells Reynolds that Mills had requested assault rifles and night vision goggles before she quit and Reynolds asks Foster to find Mills and bring her back.

Mills, Crane, and Corbin prepare to attack Pandora and her Hidden One.  They find Pandora’s book, that can pull monsters out of Pandora’s box, and move out as Pandora and the Hidden One prepare to pull the eye out of Jennie (accompanied by his profession of love and promise that he and Pandora will be together in all things).  As the scoobies get into position, Abbie questions whether her judgement may be impaired because it is her sister’s life on the line, which seems like a really late and inappropriate time to be having that conversation.  Crane reassures her that caring is a strength.

Pandora sees them approaching as the Hidden One is draining energy from Jennie.  Pandora says she’ll handle it and the Hidden One should keep eating.  Abbie shoots her full on with a shotgun, which does nothing, and cues Corbin to fire something at the tree, Crane zaps Pandora with a taser and Abbie throws a grenade at the Hidden One, moving him out of the way so Abbie can begin using the Shard to pull the Eye out of Jennie.  Crane begins trying to summon something from Pandora’s box, which she takes a little personally.  The Hidden One knocks Abbie across the room and destroys the Shard as Pandora and Crane both try to control the box.  Corbin shoots at the Hidden One and Abbie collects the Shard pieces to pull the last of the energy out of Jennie.  The Shard pieces glow in her hands as the whole cave-building begins to shake and the tree opens.  Mills says that she has to do “this” so she can save Jennie, Crane implores her not to, but she walks into the tree with the glowing Shard pieces and the tree closes with a wave of energy that knocks everyone off their feet and destroys Pandora’s box.  Crane is up first and confirms that Jennie is still alive.  He runs to the tree, horrified at having lost Abbie.

So, with that, we have the Sleepy Hollow mid-season finale.  Lots of things blew up, Abbie put her sister before her job, Reynolds looks profoundly suspicious, and we’ll be seeing more of Sophie Foster who holds a lot of promise as a character (lots more than, say, Joe for example).  The dabbling madly through multiple cultures’ theologies still comes across as poorly thought out and appropriative.  All in all, while the character interactions are still a lot of fun and the cast represents several ethnicities, this isn’t a super promising set of new plot lines.  The first two seasons, for their faults, were fairly tightly plotted – season three lacks substance thus far.

I Give It: 3.5/5

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