Woven Myths: A Slice of Quietude Review

What’s not to love about empowered lady warriors with kickin’ backstories and intricate personalities? Absolutely nothing, that’s what, and Sharon Cho’s first installment of her newest series is filled...

What’s not to love about empowered lady warriors with kickin’ backstories and intricate personalities? Absolutely nothing, that’s what, and Sharon Cho’s first installment of her newest series is filled to the bursting with them. In fact, Woven Myths: A Slice of Quietude opens mid-battle between three mysterious women and the dark-haired assassin named Kat hired to dispose of them.

Though the odds initially appear to be in her favor as she skillfully fends off her targets with the help of the Quietude–a “mental hallway” which improves her focus and precision–when one of the three “invades” her Quietude, Kat does the unthinkable and surrenders. While doing so is an offense to her creed and an automatic endangerment of her life, Kat simply can not resist finding out more about this woman’s connection to the mysterious realm she herself is barely familiar with. She knows in her core that this woman, covered in scars and missing three fingers on one hand, can teach her things worth dying for…and Katriyana’s ready to learn.

Written in three parts and two different perspectives, A Slice of Quietude follows Kat and her unlikely new companions as they explore one another’s pasts and identities throughout the long trek home. As trust begins to develop among the oddly constructed group and love grows between Kat and her new “trainer” Tristien, she comes to learn the dark truth of the scars painted across the woman’s skin. It is a tale of betrayal and horror, and leaves Kat exposed to a world of vastly powerful gods and goddesses which she had previously thought to be nothing more than figures of myth. In spite of her newly shakened reality, Kat vows to protect Tristien from her demons, both real and otherwise, and prepares to attone for the crime of surrender so that she might live to fight another day by her lover’s side. Little does she know, the experiences of both endeavors will change her forever.

Featuring a richly layered mythos, greatly entertaining battles, dark secretive societies which adhere to stricter guidelines than most, and trancelike realms where people can join together in their minds to experience the world differently than those around them, Woven Myths is already shaping up to be a great addition any fantasy lover’s shelf. This first book deals with heavy themes such as abuse and torture, yet showcases the strength and determination with which one can recover from such horrors and presents hope where once existed only pain and fear. I found myself connecting with and investing myself in the protagonists as they struggled with agonies of both the mind and flesh and came out swinging on the other side of hardship. The romance develops jarringly quickly, but any discomfort with that fact for me was soon overshadowed by my fascination with the delightful complexity of the narrative as a whole. And besides, Kat and Tristien are so wonderful together I think I can forgive them for falling in love too quickly. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to indulge themselves with a lady-centric fantasy filled with action, intrigue, and romance. I for one am highly anticipating the sequel, and think we can definitely still expect more great things to come from Sharon Cho.

Woven Myths: A Slice of Quietude

Sharon Cho

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    I’ve been sending everyone I know this review because I’m so awed by it. Thank you Tabitha and Rainbow Hub. I’m both humbled and grateful. I hope everyone who reads the book walks away feeling the same as you did, Tabitha because it’s what I set out to do. Very happy that Kat & Tristien worked their magic on you, as did Kinjara and Cela.