Star Wars Episode VII Posters Awaken Enthusiasm of Fans

Fresh and familiar characters illuminated in newly released Episode VII: The Force Awakens posters.

Geeks, nerds, and enthusiasts of all ages, in galaxies near and far, far away, prepare yourselves for the mounting excitement.

As you are likely aware, Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens will be blasting into theaters on December 18, 2015. The trailer, complete with desolate sand dunes, magnificent outer-space explosions, and lightsaber duels, has already premiered. Reviews of the trailer offer questions, rather than predictions, as to the quality of the film – will it be a 70s masterpiece or a 90s flop? – but the hype surrounding the film is undeniable; Episode VII, surpassing all other movies in history, has earned $6.5 million in pre-sale tickets.

Now, to further tantalize and excite audiences, the newest addition to the Star Wars franchise has released posters of new and familiar characters who will soon be gracing the silver screen. Prepare to fanboy, fangirl, or fanperson:

First up is Finn, complete with blue lightsaber, who seems destined for a redemption arc, as the once stormtrooper turns hero.


Windswept Rey, last name unknown, appears to be ready to protect something. As with previous female protagonists from Star Wars, it is doubtful that she will be a wilting flower when the inevitable battles arise.

Leia, a beloved original character from the first released trio of films, returns haloed by green lasers and enshrouded with mystery regarding her current work for The Resistance.

New addition Kylo Ren, shown in traditional red and black, will be a recreation, if not reincarnation of, Darth Vader. It is unknown if he is Sith or just a fanboy of the evil entity, but he doubtlessly will embody the Dark Side of the Force.

The eternal ruggedly handsome Han Solo returns – yes, with first mate Chewbacca, too – with hints that he may be playing the role of mentor to the younger Finn and Rey.

Image Courtesy of Gage Skidmore

Gwen Matthews

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