Top 10 Highest earning movies in Hollywood

Hollywood has presented some of the most wonderful scripts on the silver screen. Yet, there have been some movies that have taken the showbiz industry by storm in terms of their earnings. Here we find out the best movies in Hollywood that garnered huge profits for the makers.

Movies that have grossed the maximum in Hollywood is enlisted here, that you must not miss!

Top Grossers of Hollywood

1. Avengers Endgame:

The franchise is not only a child favorite, but it also has a huge fan base among the youth. The last edition became the mega-hit, grossing more than $2.798 billion within a year of release. This makes it the highest grosser till now, in Hollywood.

2. Avatar:

While this movie was released, it created a lot of buzzes. All across the world, the movie was celebrated as a brilliant masterpiece of creativity. Being the brainchild of James Cameron, this movie grossed $2.79 billion which makes it the second in our list.

3. Titanic:

An old classical movie with a gut-wrenching story of love, loss, and life has touched many hearts. Being a nationwide hit as well as global phenomena, the movie grossed $2.187 billion and it also took the career of Leo to great heights. This movie is well remembered for the romantic relation between Leo and Kate.

4. Star Wars:

The Force Awakens has grossed $2.068 billion which makes it the highest grossed in the Star Wars trilogy.  Released in 2015, the movie has made a lot of fans happy especially about the storyline and the impetus to the character, which makes it one of the best movies, ranking 4th in our list.

5. Avengers: Infinity War:

If Endgame wasn’t the only movie from the franchise making it to the list, it is the second one! Standing at 5th in our list, the movie has grossed close to $2.048 B, thus landing a feat in itself. The movie has engrossed millions of fans worldwide, with its excellent plot and the cliff-hanger ending. With the smorgasbord of characters performing in the same movie, this is a movie for every comic fan!

6. Jurassic World:

The movie about the ancients yet grossing enough to land in the 6th spot must have been a real victory! Jurassic World makes it the third entry for Chris Pratt in this list, with an estimated gross of $1.672 B. Ever since the release of the movie in 2015, the movie has held its position in the top 10. If you are a fan of the series, this is a must-watch!

7. The Lion King:

An animated movie grossing more than many non-animated ones is a bliss to watch! If you have been wondering that animations are only for kids, then Lion King must baffle you with its numbers. Defeating Frozen for the 7th spot, a gross earning of $1.6 B makes it the second highest-earning movie in the year 2019. It is a treat to watch, not only for the kids but across all the age groups.

8. The Avengers:

Well, the third movie from the same franchise in the top 10, makes it one of the most successful franchises. Giving the chills with their perfect storylines and the high-voltage action, this first installment of Avengers grossed close to $1.519 B worldwide.

9. Furious 7:

Either call it a tribute to the legendary Paul Walker or the success of the franchise, this movie has made huge fan-following over time. With $ 1.516B, it ranks at #9.

10. Avengers Age of Ultron:

Standing in the 10th position is the Avengers: Age of Ultron that has made $1.403 B worldwide. A treat to watch for all the Avengers lovers!

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