Top 10 Marvel Comics of All Time

As the lockdown keeps getting extended, its time to find out the best marvel comics that you must read in 2020. Our list of the top 10 marvel comics of all time is something, you just can’t miss during COVID 19.

1.Days of the Future Past:

If you have still not got enough of the X Men series, then Days of the Future Past is the right marvel comic for you. With the quest of Kitty Pryde to save the Senator, the comic revolves around the adventures to save the world. As Rachel Summers makes her way from the alternate timeline, the fight between the right and the evil is a roller coaster ride for comic fans.

2.Capt. America #25A:

This marvel comic strip is one genius ride for all the comic fans. If you have been wondering about the twists and turns in marvel comics, then this comic series is the one for you.

3.Wolverine #1-4:

For any comic fan, the dream of seeing Wolverine away from X men, and as an individual gets fulfilled in this series. For his search of love and his battle for it, it’s a spine chilling series you must enjoy.

4.Secret Wars:

With a smorgasbord of your favorite superheroes, Secret Wars is a treat for all the marvel fans. The war, in space between the right and the wrong, is a treat to watch in this series.

5.Dawn of the Mutants:

This is a comic strip about the face-off between the Avengers and the X Men. Moreover, the character of Mutants was reshaped in this edition along with the birth of the most iconic supervillain: Lucifer. Lucifer with its strength of telepathy and manipulation gave a tough battle for its nemesis.

6.The Kree Skrulls War:

Getting adopted into the 2019 Captain America movie, this Roy Thomas comic displays an intergalactic battle. A face-off between the Avengers against Kree and Skrulls is what this edition reader’s delight.

7.Incredible Hulk #92:

The green giant and its lovers need no new reason to love this comic. With the excellent storylines and the state-of-the-art graphics, this edition deals with how Hulk is dealt with on planet Earth – by sending him to space. If you think, you know everything about Hulk, you must give this a read!

8.Avengers #4:

If you wish to read the Avengers: Endgame, in its comic version, then you must give this comic a read. Chaos arises when Capt. America, Hulk, and Black Widow ensure on a mission to get back Iron Man in their team to fight Thanos! Must watch for avengers fanboys!

9.Fantastic Four #285:

Jhonny’s realization about his inclination for Human Torch and the many new characters introduced in this comic, make it a must-read comic. A perfect one for the fans of the Fantastic Four comic strip.

10.Amazing Spiderman #121:

This comic is a true heartbreak for Spiderman fans as they see Gwen Stacy die in this edition. Yet, we would recommend this, as it breaks the superhero mold of the various comics and a must-read for Spiderman lovers. 

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