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End of October? What? When did that happen? I’ve apparently been buried in grad school textbooks for ten weeks, which is a terrifying realization. It’s a week till Halloween,...

End of October? What? When did that happen? I’ve apparently been buried in grad school textbooks for ten weeks, which is a terrifying realization. It’s a week till Halloween, which is much less terrifying to realize and much more fun. In the mean time, let’s take a look at She-Hulk 9 and a quick peek Amazing Spider-Man 8 with special guest star Ms. Marvel!


She-Hulk 9

She-Hulk 09

For a recap of Jen’s new case with Captain America as a client with Daredevil himself as the prosecuting attorney, check out the review of issue 8! (Also, check out the covers for the past two issues—Kevin Wada is amazing.)

The trial begins, and we learn that a deathbed confession is being used to accuse Steve Rogers of culpability in the death of a young man back in the 1940s, before he became Captain America. The victim was the brother of the man who died, and ended up getting shot in the head by the leader of a gang that the deceased man had fallen in with when Steve pushed him too far. Murdock sets up a very solid case, and Jen is very concerned for the outcome, as any culpability leaves Captain America’s reputation tarnished as his final legacy. Matt pops by as Daredevil after the first day and tells She-Hulk that Steve actually asked him to take the case and do it as well as he possibly can, leaving Jen very confused. It only gets worse for her on the second day, when Steve takes the stand… and admits that the deathbed confession was all true.

I’m with She-Hulk on this one.

She-Hulk 09 panel


Steve, what are you doing? You convince Matt Murdock to take a case against you, you hire Jen to fight for you, you insist on playing the case “fair and square,” and then you admit the deathbed confession blaming you for another man’s death is true under oath? That is a great strategy not to win a case right there. The case basically boils down to the idea that a man with a gun threatened to shoot another person if Steve didn’t keep his mouth shut, and true to form, Steve didn’t keep his mouth shut, so the man with the gun actually did shoot the other person as he threatened. I’m definitely not a lawyer nor am I versed in any sort of legal knowledge, but this seems like a very strange thing to turn into a court case. Any legal experts among the Hub aficionados? Let me know what you think!

The pacing in this issue is quite neat, with much of the story being told in flashback as the testimonies are given. It’s a fun contrast between the clean lines of the court room (with testimony often depicted simply as speech bubbles against a white background) and the colorful, messy city of San Francisco as Daredevil and She-Hulk dash over its rooftops at night.

It is with great sadness I report that She-Hulk seems to have been cancelled with issue 12. It’s quickly become one of my new favorites, with the between Jen’s legal work and her superhero work creating a fast-paced, gripping story. And though it seems I’m in the minority with this, Pulido and Vincente’s art and colors grew on me tremendously, with the bright colors and almost pop-art-like quality making their panels truly fun to read and to look at. Three more issues doesn’t seem like nearly enough to tie up Steve’s case and solve the mystery of Jen’s Blue File, but I encourage any readers to add the final three issues to your pull lists, pick them up at your local comic stores or digitally, and share them with your friends, because this is far too good of a comic to lose now.

But my biggest question is still this: what is up with Angie Huang? (She has to be magic somehow—I’m pretty sure she came back from the dead after getting shot. Hei Hei—her monkey—knows more than he’s letting on.)

Lightning Review

Amazing Spider-Man 8

Amazing Spider-Man 08

Aww, this was cute! As reluctant as I am to read anything by Dan Slott, this was a very nice guest appearance by Kamala and felt a lot like the Spider-Man I’m used to seeing in older comics, which is a nice surprise. (Slott is only credited with “plot,” while Christos Gage is listed as “script,” so that may just be why I liked it as much as I did.)

There was a good amount of mentoring on Peter’s part and some very adorable flailing on Kamala’s part (“I’m totally doing the Captain Marvel slingshot maneuver!”) as well as some very good heroic behavior from her as well. It’s a fun battle to read and to watch play out on the pages—the art style is incredibly dynamic and really highlights Kamala’s shape-changing powers well. It’s a quick side-story, but it’s definitely worth it for fellow Kamala Korps folks or fans of Spider-Man team-ups! (And you’ll definitely enjoy how they end up defeating the villain of the day—I certainly did.)

Next week, we get a special treat—it’s All-New X-Men 33, where the young X-Men have fallen into the Ultimates universe, only to meet up with our very own Miles Morales!

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Eve is an asexual panromantic, a graduate student in medicine with no time for sleep (but always time for comics), and an avid consumer of any type of media she can get her hands on. When she’s not perusing her insanely large collection of Marvel comics, she can be found either knitting in front of the television or on her laptop. She is also a passionate bibliophile.

Eve is asexual panromantic, a graduate student with no time for sleep (but always time for comics), a senior contributing writer for the Rainbow Hub, and an avid consumer of any type of media she can get her hands on. When not perusing her incredibly large collection of Marvel comics, she can be found reading, knitting in front of the TV, or on her laptop.


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