Why America is on top of the list of Corona Affected People?

With more than 1.5 million cases in the USA and 100 a thousand deaths, America ranks first in terms of the number of affected people by COVID19. Being completely paralyzed by COVID 19, the economy, healthcare, and the basic utilities have been disrupted in the US. It must be thought that a nation which is deemed to be the superpower in 2020, has faced the brunt of this mishap.

The causes of the widespread COVID 19 in the USA can be linked with multiple causes. This article tends to list a few of them.

Causes of the widespread growth of live COVID 19 cases in the US

Reduced number of tests:

The US has failed to test at rampant in the early stages of the spread. As the testing was less in number, many dormant cases could not be spotted. These cases became the carrier for the infection, that got spread amongst the healthy people.

High population density:

A place like New York has shown cases close to 45,000 on a daily basis. While this might sound daunting, it is of concern that the huge population density reduced the social distancing measures. In a way, it led to an increase of risks related to the spreading of the COVID 19 virus, which resulted in the massive outbreak.

Lack of preparedness:

Even old videos the US Presidents shows that he was not very much concerned about COVID 19 at its early stages. This lackadaisical attitude by the head of the superpower nation led to the failure of the health administrative systems. Moreover, considering the virus to be just another flu, was a blunder on his part. This led to the exponential blasts of the cases in the US.

Reduced stress on the healthcare system:

The focus on the US on the health care system was very less, especially due to their lack of understanding of something so big. Moreover, the reduced focus on research could be cited as the major reason for the failure to identify such a major outbreak. Though the countries have now formed a syndicate in their search for a vaccine, it might just be too late to start!

The silver lining in the dark:

Now, with a multitude of cases growing in the US, there are certain points of the silver lining which should not be ignored.

Reduced death rate:

Though European nations have seen death rates close to 10%, the death rates in the US have been less. Though death takes time, it does show that the US medical and health care system is still efficient.

Coverage of the disease:

The disease has not been spread all over the US at the same levels of potency. Instead, a large portion of the US like Maryland, South Carolina, Minnesota, Virginia have reported lower cases compared to the cases in high bustling states like the NYC. This goes ahead to show that the high population density is the cause.

Final thoughts

Though the cases in the US have grown exponentially over time, yet it must be noted that the plateau of the cases is seen nearby. We are very much hopeful of the cases reaching the peak soon.  

Feature image is taken from Pixabay.com

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