Why Corona Death Percentage is low in some countries like India & Russia?

The deadly COVID19 has paralyzed the health system and the economic framework across multiple superpowers. Yet, countries like India and Russia have reported lower death reports amidst the ongoing pandemic.

It thus becomes interesting to note the reasons as to what has helped these nations in the meanwhile. With the US reporting the highest death rates. It can be a good lesson for them in order to prepare them for future outbreaks.

Russia, ranking second in terms of the number of cases, have deaths 10 times lesser than the EU and Britain. Though there have been accusations of misreporting, it must be noted that Russia has released an official statement denying the same.

Let us see what worked out for these nations.

Reasons for lesser mortality

1. Delay in the arrival of the COVID 19:

The first COVID19 case was reported in the US on 20th January 2020 while the first reported case in India and Russia took time to surface. This gave these countries time to prepare accordingly for the pandemic. Instead of waiting for the virus, the respective governments learned from the world. This enhanced the COVID19 battle in these nations.

2. Nationwide lockdown:

India was one of those nations that announced nationwide lockdown. This led to a significant reduction in the number of cases of the COVID19. If we compare the data with that of Italy, it faced close to 10K deaths in the first month of the outbreak. On the contrary, India has recorded half of the deaths even after 2 months of the outbreak. This signifies the importance of the nationwide lockdown.

3. Demographics of the nation:

Italy has recorded more than 95% of the deaths being reported by people of more than 60 years. This shows that the virus plays along with the immunity of the infected persons. Whereas, in countries like India, the youth constitute nearly 35% of the population. This is the main reason for the reduction in the number of deaths in India, compared to Italy.

4. Inherent immunity based on the location and profession:

India has more than 65% poverty as of 2020 with its daily payments close to $2. Moreover, even 30% within them earn less than $1.5/day which constitutes the workers in the informal sector. As per 2017 reports of quality of life index, India stands at 43rd rank out of 56 countries. This reportedly miserable numbers have been a blessing in disguise since such living conditions have prompted the inherent immunity in the body. This inherent immunity has resulted in the formation of antibodies and histamines, that resulted in fighting against COVID19 to be more effective.

5. The difference in the recording of the data:

As the US and the UK have reported a high number of deaths due to COVID19, it has become important to dig a bit deeper into the numbers. The death rate includes the deaths caused due to comorbidities of COVID 19, which is not the case with Russia.

Though the death rates have been low across parts in the World, yet the death rate of COVID 19 has crossed 5.9% which is a serious issue of concern. Thus, we request and pray for the good health of our readers during these rough times. 

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