With this Ring, I Thee Wed: Same Sex Marriage in the Industrial Complex

Let’s first look at the Wedding (or Marriage) Industrial Complex

A couple weeks ago, I attended the Gay Wedding Expo in Orlando, Florida , which got me thinking about weddings. While I am not ready to get married at the moment, I do have a lot of capital-F Feelings about weddings, mostly fueled by programming such as Say Yes to the Dress and its sister shows. But shows like this rarely feature queer couples, which had me wondering: what does a queer wedding look like after nationwide marriage equality, and how does it fit within American wedding culture? Let’s first look at the Wedding (or Marriage) Industrial Complex, which is the idea that there are certain components to “all” weddings, and that there is an industry that fuels these “needs”….

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Mehek Naresh

Mehek Naresh is an Indian American lesbian, living and working in Florida after recently graduating with a Bachelors in Political Science. Her hobbies seeking out small talk with cashiers, reading, and spending more time staring at tumblr than she’d care to admit.