YouTubers You Should Be Watching: Beauty Edition

Welcome back to this multipart series on YouTubers you should be watching. This week, we’re talking beauty. Beauty vlogs are such a staple on YouTube where a lot of...

Welcome back to this multipart series on YouTubers you should be watching. This week, we’re talking beauty. Beauty vlogs are such a staple on YouTube where a lot of people get frustrated about branded content, and it’s hard to find reviewers who are frank and honest about how a product actually performs. The following YouTubers are who I turn to first when considering a new product, and I value their opinions.

I think it is really important that I acknowledge the lack of diversity on this list. As a South Asian woman with oily combination skin, I tend to follow beauty vlogs of people who are either of my same skin tone, or my same skin type. As a result, this list is not terribly diverse. I would love to hear recommendations of beauty vloggers with other skin tones and types, though, so please leave your favorites in the comments!

EmilyNoel83 — New mom and former news anchor Emily is a full time beauty vlogger whose concise, honest reviews are the driving force behind her channel. She will tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly of a product, and notes at the end of every description that she has never accepted money for a review. Her videos are also unlike lots of other reviewers’, as some of her latest have included “One Armed Baby Makeup” in which she did a full face of makeup while holding her squirming baby, and “$1 Makeup Site,” where she tests out a one dollar makeup brand. I have yet to find another vlogger who is so experimental in the genre, and that uniqueness is really refreshing.

Ingrid Nilsen — There has been a ton of buzz around Ingrid in the last year, as she recently came out as gay and has started dating fellow famous queer YouTuber Hannah Hart. Ingrid is a quiet, soft souls with a big personality and a love of minimalism and donuts. Her channel started off very beauty-based, but now she ventures into travel tips, cooking, organization, and YouTuber interviews. I think that Ingrid, as a queer woman who happens to be very feminine, is such an important part of the LGBT YouTube community, as she gives a voice to other young people who are struggling with their identity in relation to their outward appearance. Her genuine and honest nature really shines, and her channel serves as a wonderful home for all things lifestyle and beauty.

Tati — Self-dubbed “Makeup Investigator” Tati Westbrook is a California vlogger on a mission to scout out the best makeup. From drugstore to extreme luxury, Tati goes out of her way to research, test, and give honest reviews of products. Her most recent series “WTF” features extreme luxury products from $90 lipsticks to $70 mascaras, and her command over the medium and her product knowledge really gives her the clout she deserves. She has also launched a new makeup line with BirchBox called “Love of Color,” and while I haven’t tried it, this is definitely an exciting time to be watching her channel.

Kaya Empire — The last three YouTubers on this list are well-established, and have been making YouTube videos for several years. Kaya, however, is a new YouTuber who is in her late teens who does awesome makeup tutorials. She has just a little over a thousand followers, but her demeanor and cadence are engaging, and she’s just fun to watch. It’s amazing to follow a young, new YouTuber who feels like she knows what she’s doing, and does this work well.

There are so many more beauty YouTube channels that I have no idea about, and I’d love to hear about your favorites. Let me know in comments some of the ones I’ve missed, and I’d be happy to do a “Readers Choice” edition of this list.

Mehek Naresh

Mehek Naresh is an Indian American lesbian, living and working in Florida after recently graduating with a Bachelors in Political Science. Her hobbies seeking out small talk with cashiers, reading, and spending more time staring at tumblr than she’d care to admit.